Christmas Book Treasure Box Order Form

  • Price is for USA READERS ONLY: $75+$17 for shipping =$92 USD

    SOME of the items in this box will include KC Lynn book branded items such as:
    I Am More Rose Gold Bangle bracelet
    KC Lynn reading socks
    Ramblings of a KC Lynn Book Lover Notebook
    Sweet Series Apron
    Men of Honor Throw pillow cover
    Rose Gold MOH Wine Tumbler
    Hero Pie Candle
    Sweet Series Coloring sheets
    Tote bag
    Ticket for an Arc of an upcoming book
    Recipe Cards, Creed Brothers post card, Bookmarks, K.C. Lynn book lover postcard.

    Price: $92.00
  • $0.00

Please note there are only twelve boxes left. Once all twelve boxes have been purchased and paid for this order form will be closed. To ensure your purchase, please make sure you follow the link directly to PayPal for payment.

Thank you. I can’t wait to share all the treasures with you.

K.C. Lynn,