Christmas Book Treasure Order Form

​Welcome to the first and only ever order form for KC Lynn’s Christmas Book Treasure Box. Please read the entire form carefully. There is a section for U.S. Readers and one for International readers.

This order form will close October 5, 2019. ALL ORDERS MUST BE PAID by this time. This is to ensure there is enough time to order all the custom made items and to have the box shipped out to make it on time for Christmas.

Thank you for your interest in the Christmas Book Treasure Box, however orders are now closed.

If International readers are interested in the book box instead of swag pack know your shipping could be anywhere from $55-$85 USD on top of the $75 for the book box. This would include custom charges as well. If you are still interested in this please email me directly and I can you give an exact quote.

Thank you, readers. I am excited to be able to offer you this before I make the big move back to Canada next year.

K.C. Lynn,