Hope’s Secret

This is a very small glimpse into Hope and Beckett’s story. It will be in the first chapter and is the third book in the spin off series to the Men of Honor and Acts of Honor, surrounding the Children. For more info on this future series check out the portion on my website “What’s to come?”


Unedited and subject to change if the need arises.

Hope’s Secret


A soft subtle noise pulls me from my half attempt at sleep. I sit up with a gasp when I realize the sound is coming from my bedroom window.

“It’s me.”

My thundering heart slows at the familiar masculine voice. “Beck?” I whisper, making sure.


I blink my gritty eyes that are swollen from crying and watch him crawl through my window, something he’s done many times before. Glancing at my bedside clock, I see its one in the morning. “What are you doing here?” I ask, pulling the sheet to my hips when I remember I’m only in a tank top and panties.

The moment he takes a seat on the edge of my bed and looks at me, I know. The devastation on his face mirrors the agony in my heart.

“You know, don’t you? Parker told you,” I say, barely suppressing my sorrow.

He nods, his jaw flexing in fury and eyes dark with pain.

Humiliation burns inside of me and the sob I buried hours ago comes tumbling past my lips. He reaches for me the same time I move to crawl onto his lap, my arms locking around his neck.

“I’m so sorry I wasn’t there, Hope,” he rasps, his voice thick with guilt.

I shake my head, unable to form words. I have none. Not even an apology for keeping the secret all these months.

Beckett lies down, keeping me in my most favorite place in the world— his arms. He kisses away every tear that spills from me as I cry out all the shame tainting my soul.

“Everything is going to be okay,” he murmurs quietly. “We’re going to find out who did it and when we do, they will fucking pay for ever touching you.”

A shiver skitters down my spine at the cold fury in his promise.

This is why I only told half the secret. Why I will never tell them who did it. Otherwise I’ll lose the most important men in my life, especially my father and the boy who has held my heart since I was a little girl.



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  1. Tasha

    Oh goodness …. or poor hope ❤
    I can’t wait to read more of what to come. Keep doing what your doing kc your amazing 😘

  2. Kelly

    OMG this is so sad, I really love these kids and can’t wait for their story, this has just made the wait even longer. Gonna be a heartbreaking story!! 😢😢😢

  3. Brittany

    Oh my gosh😭 I cannot wait for little ones’ stories!! I’ll makes sure to stay stocked up on tissues for the rest of my life. KC’s writing is forever making me cry😰

  4. Anonymous

    Aww, man my heart aches a little when I read these the teasers are always amazing, I can’t wait for these stories.

  5. Carmen

    Holy crap this is gonna be another heart breaking read. I can’t wait too read the whole series on the kids.

  6. Tami

    Wow! This will be a great story! It may come in second to Mia’s story in what I want to read right now even though I know it’s a ways off!

  7. Jennifer

    Oh No!!! Poor Hope😢 These next books are going to break my heart💔💔💔 I can’t wait for this next series💜💜💜 K.C. you are amazing!!!

  8. Elaine Marie Ozuna

    All I can say is…Wow. I’m just so…I don’t even know what to say. This has me in tears 😢 We Love you Hope!!!!❤

  9. Monique

    Ahhh I have been preparing myself for this since sweet love. Love the children, my heart breaking for Hope and Sawyer and Parker can imagine how hard this will be for them.

  10. Belle

    Oh My God! What is this???? :O Why must always something terrible or bad happen to your characters? :'( Why can’t they go through something “normal”?

  11. Kelly

    oh man…from the sounds of it is she gonna end up having something in common with her Aunt Faith & Anna?? such a horrible experience if this is true and Sawyer will go NUTS, all the men will!!

  12. Khrista

    OMG…waiting is going to be horrible!! These teasers are a love/hate! I love hearing about these amazing characters but I hate because I have to wait for the whole story. Poor Hope! I can only imagine that the men are going crazy!!! Eeek

  13. Hanna

    I’m from Brazil and found out about your books on amazon..they’re all amazing e those teasers, i really dont know yet if i love them or hate them! Cant wait for the books!!!

  14. Imogem

    Holy sugar honey ice tea.
    I have constantly died inside when reading your amazing books. I love them and am so attached to the characters that i reread all your books over and over again. I have been waiting too long for the kids stories. Can you tell us the dates of when there coming out? 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

    • authorkclynn

      Hi there, thank you so much. I am so happy you enjoy my stories. I really can’t give a timeline on this kid series. I wish I could but there are quite a few stories to be done before I can start the kids. I am not sure when that will be but I promise to work hard and making y’all not wait too long. <3

  15. Kelly

    Please, please tell me Hope @least loses her viriginity to Beckett on Prom Night like they planned and she doesn’t get it stolen from her like Anna had happen?? from what I read above I’m gonna guess she was violated in some way but again please tell me her innocence doesn’t get stolen from her 🙁

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