This is the reading order for my books as they were released. Please note that even though each series can be read as stand-alones all the characters are interconnected in some way.

Men of Honor Series

Book One: Fighting Temptation

Book Two: Sweet Temptation

Book Three: Resisting Temptation

Book Four: The Final Temptation

Beautifully Insightful: A stand-alone novel that eventually ties into the Men of Honor/Acts of Honor Series.

An Act of Redemption, Acts of Honor book one. (Spin off series to Men of Honor.)

 An Act of SalvationActs of Honor book two.

Sweet LoveSpin off Series to Sweet Temptation. (Sawyer and Grace Novella)

An Act of Obsession, Acts of Honor book three.

Sweet Haven, Sweet Series book two.

An Act of Courage, Acts of Honor book four.

Fighting with Honor, a Men of Honor Novella. (Make sure to read this after An Act of Courage as it follows the same timeline.)

Cockloft: A romantic comedy stand-alone but the main character plays a role in Beautifully Insightful.

Unlawful Justice: A stand-alone Romantic Suspense that can be read in any order.

Justice, A Creed Brothers Novel book one. This can be read at any time as it does not follow any other timeline.