Swag Order Form

A limited amount of swag is available for purchase. Please note this is on a first come first serve basis. Payments need to be made in order to secure the purchase of swag.

This form is for US mailing addresses only due to high shipping costs overseas.

For all international readers who are interested, please email Rob at rsmith11k@hotmail.com to discuss shipping prices and options.

The order form will be open for a short time to ensure that all orders are paid for and shipped in a timely matter.

The form will be closing November 3rd.

Swag and shipping prices are as follows:

★ Swag Pricing ★

Rose Gold I Am More Bracelet- QTY-85- $5

K.C. Lynn Reading Socks- QTY-150- $7

Ramblings of a KC Lynn Notebook- QTY- 30-$8

★ Shipping Costs ★

→ $8

K.C. Lynn,

Thank you for your interest in the Christmas Book Treasure Box, however orders are now closed.