What’s to come?

If you have been following me closely on Facebook then you know my mind is filled with what’s to come for the next, oh let’s say, six years. If only my fingers typed as fast and my words came as easily, my life would be complete, but…alas it does not work like that. At least not for me.

Justice, book one in the Creed Brothers Series, has just released and what a response. I am  humbled by so many people’s love for this book and I can’t wait to write the others in this series.

At this time I am unsure what will come next but I can say that I will have another release this Summer. (2018). It is best to follow me on my social media platforms to keep most up to date.

Here is a list of series and books to come. Release dates and order of release has yet to be determined:

Braxten, book two in the Creed Brothers.

Knox, book three, the final installment of this series.  

Sweet Eternity, A novella on Sam and Jase’s wedding where we will get the Crawford’s and the Evan’s family together for a whole week. We will also get the Men of Courage and Men of Honor boys together. Can anyone say testosterone overload?

Men of Courage Series, book one—Austin Hawke & Zoey Anderson. These are characters you meet in Sweet Haven along with the other Men of Courage boys. This is the beginning of my firefighter trilogy that I’ve had planned for quite some time now.

Sweet Catch, book three in the Sweet Series.

Sweet Lucy, book four and final book in the Sweet Series.

An Act of Love, book five and the final story in the Acts of Honor Series, Ruthie and Van’s Story. I know, I know. So many people waiting on this sweet girl’s story and I for one cannot wait to tell it. However, I must wait until Ruthie is ready and so far she hasn’t been speaking. I don’t think she is quite ready to grow up and leave the big guy yet. 😉 With that being said, I would like to release her soon. Lets hope she wants that too.

Now, by this time, knowing the Acts of Honor Series is done, I would be very sad—if the kids were not getting their own spin-off series.

Their books are as follows:

Book one: Annabelle and Braedyn’s story. Annabelle is Jaxson and Julia’s daughter. As I have revealed on Pinterest, Braedyn is the runaway teen Jaxson and Julia take in as their own.

Book two: Parker and Mia’s story. Parker is Grace and Sawyer’s son, and Mia, Cade and Faith’s daughter.

Book three: Beckett and Hope’s story. Beckett is Kayla and Cooper’s son and Hope is Sawyer and Grace’s daughter.

Book four, and the last book in the series, will be Ella’s story. Kayla and Cooper’s daughter.

I look forward to sharing these stories with you and many others I have planned that you know nothing about…yet. I promise to fill you in on them as the to-be-released list becomes shorter. In the mean time, make sure to follow me on Facebook and even join my readers group KC Lynn’s Ladies of Honor for sneak peeks and more updated info.

Happy reading.

K.C. Lynn