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Battle of the Brothers


My absolute favorite frenemies. LOL.







It’s a beautiful day as I pull up to the bakery to visit my woman for lunch. The sun is shining, air warm, and if I’m lucky, I’ll be getting a round two of this morning. Since Sam is here helping out today, she can hold down the fort until I get my fill. Well, maybe not my fill, because that would be an eternity, but at least for an hour. Then I’ll collect round three tonight.


Yep, it’s a great fucking day.


I park around the corner where it’s more private, wanting to surprise her then walk in through the front door with my most charming smile, the one my wife drops her panties for in a fucking heartbeat. However, it vanishes when I come face to face with the one guy I can’t stand. My childhood rival, my sister’s fiancée—Jase motherfucking Crawford!


He’s perched on a stool at the counter, eating a piece of pie. 


My wife’s fucking pie!


When the door beeps, announcing my arrival, he swivels his chair in my direction. “Well if it isn’t my soon-to-be brother-in-law,” he boasts, smiling.


Since my sister is nowhere in sight, I skip the pleasantries and storm up to him, my heavy boots eating up the floor. “What the hell do you think you’re doing here, Crawford?”


He relaxes back into his chair, his eyes lit with amusement. “Eating your wife’s pie and kissing your sister. Both are very delicious,” he tells me, with a cocky smirk. One I’m going to punch off his stupid face.


“You are not allowed to come here and eat my pie!”


“It’s not your pie. It’s your wife’s,” he corrects me.


“My wife, which means my pie! I also paid for this place and I say you can’t come in here.”


“Actually, I can. Your mom even said so, she just left. We had lunch together,” he announces happily. “She likes me a lot. So does your wife and well…I don’t have to tell you how much your sister likes me since she’s going to marry me. Your whole family loves me, Evans. Though I have to admit, I’m still struggling to understand how you came from such nice people, but you know how that saying goes… there’s one in every family.”


Why the mouthy son of a bitch!


My fist clenches at my side, teeth grinding as I lean in close. “Listen here, asshole. Just because—”


“Sawyer, hi!” my sister greets me, a genuine smile on her face, as she and Grace walk out of the kitchen. She steps out from behind the counter, wrapping her arms around my waist for a hug. “I didn’t know you were stopping by today.”


“Me neither,” Grace says, following Sam’s lead and giving me a hug, too.


I wrap my arms around both of them, flashing a smug smile at the asshole in front of me. “How could I resist, especially when I get to see two of my favorite girls in the same place.”


“Smooth, Evans,” Grace says with a giggle, a slight blush staining her cheeks.


I love that fucking blush, especially when she’s naked.


“That’s my brother, always the charmer,” Sam agrees.


I stand a little taller and shoot a look at Crawford. 


Take that, asshole.


He meets my challenge head-on. “Hey, Sam, baby, come here for a sec.” 


My grip tightens on the back of my sister’s apron so she can’t move. She bats my hand away with a laugh, thinking I’m playing around—I’m not. I get the urge to haul her back when she starts toward him but I manage to find my control and stay where I am.


When she sidles up next to the sneaky fucker, he hooks an arm around her waist and pulls her in close—too close. “Any chance you can get off early today?”


“Maybe. Why, what’s up?” she asks, her arms winding around his neck. If not for the smile lighting up her whole damn face right now I’d have the bastard on the floor.


“I was just thinking since it’s my day off we could catch a movie and then…” He whispers something in her ear, making her blush and giggle. The same blush my wife just had.


He’s going to suffer a very painful death.


“Go on, Sam,” Grace tells her. “The lunch rush is over. Mac will be here shortly.”


No way is that motherfucker getting laid before me. He is not winning this round. Not this time. 


“Are you sure?” Sam asks.


I cut back in before she can answer. “Actually, I was hoping you could stay a little longer and cover for Grace. Something has come up that I need to talk to her about…in private.”


Grace’s eyes lift to mine in concern. “Is everything okay?”


I feel like shit for worrying her but not enough to blow my cover. “Yeah, baby. Everything is fine but we need to talk.”


My dick will be the one talking but she doesn’t need to know that… yet.


“Of course. No problem,” my sister says, just like I knew she would. “You go. Jase and I can catch a movie later.” Her eyes move back to him regretfully. “Is it okay if we go tonight?”


“Yeah, that’s fine,” he grumbles, flashing me an annoyed look.


Victory fills my chest but it’s not enough. It’s time the cocky bastard is taught a lesson. “Too bad you have plans tonight, Crawford. My buddies and I are heading out shooting. I was going to invite you to come along.”


“You were?” Sam asks, hope bright in her voice.


“Yeah, I thought it would be a good opportunity for us to hang out since it seems I won’t be getting rid of him any time soon,” I say lightly, playing it off as a joke but there is nothing funny about this shit. Not at all.


She smiles and totally buys it. So does Grace, if the proud squeeze she gives me is any indication. 


Jase on the other hand doesn’t fall for it but I didn’t expect him to. “Yeah well, sorry. Guess it will have to be another time. I have myself a hot date.”


“No, you should go,” Sam encourages. “We can do it another night.”


I bite back a smile at the flash of panic in his eyes. 


“No, really. Your brother and I can do it another night.” 


Sam turns her back on me, facing him. She tries to keep her voice low but I hear every beautiful word. “Please, for me. He’s trying, Jase, this is a big deal to me.”


I chuckle inside, knowing I have him. No way will he say no to her. She has him wrapped around her finger. 


His jaw locks but he nods, sending another round of victory to flow through me.




Asshole- 0.

She throws her arms around his neck, thanking him with a kiss. It diminishes my mood… slightly.


Grace smiles up at me. “I’m so proud of you.”


Guilt mixes in with my victory and I begin to feel bad for misleading her. “You ready?” I ask, deciding now would be a good time to leave. Once I’m buried inside of her, making her scream, I won’t feel so guilty. 


“Just give me a minute. I want to show something to Sam in the back before we leave.”


I nod and watch as they walk behind the counter, disappearing into the kitchen. My attention moves back to Crawford where he sits glaring at me. It makes me perk right back up again. 


I lean against the counter, my lips lifting in a smirk. “Looks like I won this round, Crawford.”


“No, you didn’t.”


My back straightens. “The hell I didn’t. I’m going to get laid now and you aren’t. I also cock blocked you tonight. I can’t wait to show you all my pretty guns.”


He stares back at me, looking more amused than defeated, and stands, bringing himself eye level. “You don’t get it. You will never win, Evans. Because at the end of the day, your sister is mine. I get to go to bed with her every night and wake up to her every morning. Nothing you do or say will ever change that. She is all that matters to me so…I win. Always, because she belongs to me.”


I grind my teeth, feeling pissed off all over again. This is starting not to be very fun anymore. He is supposed to be angry and want to hit me not the other way around.


“Oh, and I can’t wait for tonight too,” he says, clapping my shoulder. “I’ll bring my new gun along. Cade helped me pick it out. It’s a beaut.”


Why that fucking traitor!


“I also can’t wait to hang out with your kids this weekend,” he tells me, his smile growing even bigger. “I’m going to teach your son how to be a badass hockey player, just like his Uncle Jase.”


I’m just about to reach out and grab the fucker by the throat but the girls come walking back out of the kitchen.


“Don’t worry, if I have any questions I’ll call but I’m sure I’ll be fine,” Sam assures Grace.


“I’ll be here too,” Jase adds, stepping back.


“You’re going to stay with me?”


“Of course,” he pulls her against him, his hands dangerously close to her ass.


I will break his damn fingers off!


“There’s nowhere else I’d rather be.”


Sam smiles back at him with red fucking hearts in her eyes. 


She’s been fucking brainwashed, I know it! 


Unable to stomach anymore, I offer my sister a quick goodbye then grab Grace’s hand and storm out of the bakery.


She jogs to keep up with my fast strides. “Sawyer, what’s going on? Is everything okay?”


“Everything is fine,” I grind out.


“Okay. Well, are you going to tell me what this is all about?”


“We’re going to fuck then I’m going to take that bastard out and shoot him.”


She comes to a hard stop, ripping her hand out of mine as we reach my truck. I turn back around to find her pretty eyes lit with fury.


“You better be lying, Sawyer Evans!”


“I’m not.”


She shakes her head, a bitter laugh escaping her. “Forget it! I’m out of here.”


I charge after her as she starts back to the bakery, my arms going around her waist. Picking her up off her feet, I walk her back to the truck.


“Let me go right now, Sawyer. I will not be a part of this ridiculous plan of yours to ruin your sister’s afternoon.”


I place her back on her feet, wedging her between me and the truck. “I’m not ruining my sister’s afternoon. I’m making mine better by being inside of my wife,” I tell her, flashing her a smile.


She doesn’t buy it. “I hate it when you’re like this, Sawyer.”


I lift a brow at her. “Are you trying to tell me you don’t like it when my cock is buried in you, Grace?”


We both know that’s a damn lie.


She doesn’t smile like I hoped she would. “I don’t like that you’re hurting your sister. The man I’m in love with wouldn’t do that.”


“This isn’t about Sam,” I snap. “This is about him. I don’t want that fucker eating my wife’s pie, marrying my sister, or…playing with my kids.”


“Well, you need to get over it because they are getting married whether you like it or not.”


“I don’t fucking like it. He’s not good enough for her.”


“But he is,” she argues, her expression softening. “He’s so good to her. He loves her, Sawyer, I’ve seen it. He looks at her the same way you do me.”


I don’t like hearing that. It means his head is filled with dirty fucking thoughts about my baby sister.


“This is a good thing for her. Just look at who she was with less than a year ago,” she reminds me.


My body tightens at the mention of the bastard who dared to put his hands on my sister, one who paid very fucking dearly for it.


“Jase isn’t like that. He makes her smile and laugh. He makes her happy. Just like you do me. Actually, he reminds me a lot of you,” she tells me softly. 


I glare down at her. “Why are you being so damn mean to me?”


She bursts out laughing, the sweet melody like music to my ears. “I’m not. I’m telling you he’s a good person, just like you.” Her hand moves to my jaw. “Please make an effort with him. For your sister, our family, and…for me.”


Well, how the hell am I supposed to say no to that? I can’t when it comes to her. 


Maybe that fucker and I have one thing in common.


“Fine,” I grumble.


“So you’re going to take him with you tonight?” she asks.




“And you’re not going to shoot him?”


“Oh I’m going to fucking shoot him but I won’t kill him. Just his dick so he can’t use it.”


“Sawyer,” she huffs in frustration.


“His foot?” 


She shakes her head, a small smile creeping past her pretty lips. 


I relented with a heavy breath. “Fine, but then you cannot give him any more pie. I’m serious, that shit is mine!”


Smiling, she wraps her arms around my neck. “Listen to me. He’s going to come in and eat at the bakery. Sometimes it might be my pie, Hope’s, Sam’s, or even Lucy and Piper’s,” she adds, talking about her sisters. “But you need to know that there is only one pie I bake with love and that is reserved for my husband only. You always get the best ones.”


I grunt but can’t deny the shift in my chest.


She stretches up on her tiptoes, brushing her lips across mine. It’s not enough. With a growl, I yank her soft body against mine, taking everything that belongs to me. My hand slides up her waitress dress, cupping her firm round ass. 


I groan, my cock turning rock hard at the feel of her bare skin. “You wearing a thong under here, baby?”


“Mmm, yes it’s a new one I bought just for you,” she breathes against my lips, giving just as good as she gets. “It has cupcakes on it.”


My fingers tighten on her soft flesh, fire racing through my blood as I think about her sweet pussy covered in cupcakes, waiting to be devoured by me. 




“Yeah, Cupcake.”


“We can go fuck now,” she says, smiling against my mouth.


It’s the most beautiful words that have ever fallen upon my ears. Opening the truck, I toss her inside, making her laugh.


When I lean over to buckle her in, she stops me with a hand on my chest. “After we’re done, we’re going to come back here and let your sister go to her movie, right?”


“Yeah, sure,” I lie.


Once I get inside of her, I am not leaving there for the rest of the fucking day.

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