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Character List

Men of Honor interconnecting character list.


I’ve decided to make this list for readers to refer to when needed. Since most of my characters interconnect to the Men of Honor in some way it can me a lot to remember, especially for future Men of Honor stories. Please note not all these books have been released yet.

Men of Honor Series

Where it all begins

Fighting Temptation

Jaxson + Julia 


Sweet Temptation

Sawyer + Grace


Resisting Temptation



The Final Temptation

Cooper + Kayla

Acts of Honor Series

This series is a continuation of Men of Honor characters.

The original Men of Honor have supporting roles throughout. 

An Act of Redemption 

Anna + Logan


Anna is the fourteen year old girl who Jaxson, Sawyer and Cade saved in Iraq.

Logan was her boyfriend who she dated throughout the series.


An Act of Salvation

Katelyn + Nick


Katelyn is the girls’s friend and is Faith’s cousin. She played a role throughout the Men of Honor Series. Nick was a side character in Beautifully Insightful. He was Ryder’s FBI partner.


An Act of Obsession

Kolan + Sophie


Kolan (pronounced Cole-ann) is Katelyn’s brother. He is briefly mentioned in the Men of Honor series and plays a recurring role in the prior two books of this series. Sophie is a newly introduced character.


An Act of Courage

Christopher + Alissa


Christopher is the fifteen year old that Cade and Faith take in and eventually adopt.

Alissa was the girl he fell in love with in Resisting Temptation.


An Act of Love (Not yet released)

Ruthie + Vander


Ruthie is the little sister of Christopher who Cade and Faith also took in.

Vander aka Van will be a newly introduced character. 

The Sweet Series

Sweet Love

A novella of Sawyer + Grace from Sweet Temptation and an introduction into the series.


Sweet Haven

Samantha + Jase


Sam is Sawyer’s youngest sister who we meet in Sweet Temptation and Sweet Love. Jase is Sawyer’s childhood nemesis who we met in Sweet Temptation.


Sweet Destiny

Sam + Jase’s wedding novella 


Book three: (Not yet titled or released)

Jesse + Matt


Jesse is Sawyer and Sam’s sister. Matt is a character we have yet to meet but have heard about. 


Sweet Catch: (Not yet released)

Piper + Nate


Piper is Grace’s half sister we meet in Sweet Love. Nate will be a newly introduced character.


Sweet Lucy: (Not yet released)

Lucy + Griffin 


Lucy is Grace’s half sister we meet in Sweet Love. Griffin will be a newly introduced character.

This series is a spin off from Sweet Temptation. It involves Sawyer & Grace throughout the series along with their families. We also get snippets from other Men of Honor/Acts of Honor characters.

Men of Courage

The Men of Fire Station two. 

This series is a spin off from Sweet Haven. We also briefly meet this crew in Sweet Temptation. They are secondary characters in Sweet Haven and Sweet Destiny. They worked with Jase at Fire Station two.

Ultimate Sacrifice 

Zoey + Austin

MOH Next Generation

This is a future series of all original Men of Honor’s children. Their books will be as follows.

Book one: 

Annabelle + Braedyn 

Annabelle is Jaxson and Julia’s daughter and Braedyn is the runaway teen that we will find out that Julia and Jaxson take in.  


Book Two:

Parker + Mia 

Parker is Sawyer and Grace’s son. Mia is Cade and Faith’s daughter. 


Book Three: 

Beckett + Hope 

Beckett is Kayla and Cooper’s son. Hope is Sawyer and Grace’s daughter. 


Book Four: 

Ella + (It’s a secret) 

Ella is Kayla and Cooper’s daughter.

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