Updated October 2020.


Being a writer is an incredibly fun and rewarding journey but it can also be frustrating and daunting, especially when you desperately want to tell a story but the words won’t come.


This is where Ruthie’s book, An Act of Love, comes in. The book so many are waiting for.  I have been writing that story since 2018 and as desperate as I am to tell her story, the words aren’t doing it justice and I cannot release a story that does not live up to its fullest potential, especially our sweet Ruthie’s, so I had to walk away for now. 


A similar situation happened with Braxten, (Book 2 in the Creed Brothers series) which is why his story has taken longer than expected. 


However, I am happy to say that I am ready to focus on his book again! This is what I am hoping my next release will be and I am shooting for very early 2021. Let’s hope the third time is a charm, but if he wants to be stubborn then at least I have several other options to choose from. 


Here is a list of all the other books and ongoing series that are still to come:


Ultimate Revenge, Men of Courage book 2, Cam and Wynn’s story

Ultimate Betrayal, book three and the final installment of the Men of Courage, Jake’s book.

Sweet Series book 3 (title TBA), Jesse and Matt’s book

Sweet Catch, book four in the Sweet Series, Piper’s story.

Sweet Lucy, book five and the final book in the Sweet Series, Lucy’s story.

Diary of a First Kiss, YA Standalone

Knox, book three and the final installment of the Creed Brothers Series.




The stories we are all waiting on, especially me. ;) My hope is to start this series once Ruthie’s is released. However, if her story continues not to cooperate that will be reevaluated.


The Next Generation series is as follows:


All titles TBA


Book one: Annabelle and Braedyn’s story. Annabelle is Jaxson and Julia’s daughter. As I have revealed on Pinterest and social media, Braedyn is the runaway teen Jaxson and Julia take in as their own.


Book two: Parker and Mia. Parker is Grace and Sawyer’s son, and Mia is Cade and Faith’s daughter.

Book three: Beckett and Hope. Beckett is Kayla and Cooper’s son, and Hope is Sawyer and Grace’s daughter.


Book four, and the last book in the series, will be Ella’s story. Ella is Kayla and Cooper’s daughter. As for her love interest…that is a secret. ;) 


I also have some new series and standalones up my sleeve, but I promise to wrap up a few of these first. ;) 


I want to say thank you to all of the readers who have been so kind, patient and understanding with me. I know my release schedule has been pretty nonexistent the last few years but I want you to know that I appreciate every single one of you, and I assure you all that one day soon I will be releasing more consistently again. 


I know there are so many stories you all are waiting for, something I am so incredibly grateful for, and trust me when I say, no one is more excited to tell them than I am.


Happy reading,


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