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Updated February 2023


It’s been a long time since I updated this portion of my website and I apologize for that. Life has thrown me some serious curve balls over the last few years and no matter how hard I tried, writing didn’t come easy for me. Which made it all the more sweeter when I FINALLY typed the end on Braxten’s book and released his story out into the world.


So what am I writing right now? I am excited to announce that my current work in progress is the book we have all been waiting for, the last book in the Acts of Honor series. An Act of Love - Ruthie’s story.


This book has been a long time coming for us all, including me. This story means so much to me and I just want to make sure I do it justice like I did for Cade and Faith & Christopher and Alissa. It’s why I don’t have an exact release date as of yet, but I promise to keep you updated and announce a date as I near the end of the book.


After I finish this story my plan is to wrap up two more series. The last book in the Creed Brothers series, Knox’s story and the rest of the Sweet Series which is Sawyer’s sister Jesse and Grace’s two sisters, Piper and Lucy.




We will finally get the Men of Honor- Next Generation series. Stories that have been begging to be set free from my soul for the last several years.


The Next Generation series is as follows:


All titles TBA


Book one: Annabelle and Braedyn’s story. Annabelle is Jaxson and Julia’s daughter. As I have revealed on Pinterest and social media, Braedyn is the runaway teen Jaxson and Julia take in as their own.


Book two: Parker and Mia’s story. Parker is Grace and Sawyer’s son, and Mia is Cade and Faith’s daughter.


Book three: Beckett and Hope’s story. Beckett is Kayla and Cooper’s son, and Hope is Sawyer and Grace’s daughter.


Book four, and the last book in the series, will be Ella’s story. Ella is Kayla and Cooper’s daughter. As for her love interest…that is still a secret. ;) 


I also have some new series and standalones up my sleeve, but I promise to wrap up a few of these first.


I want to thank all of you who have been so kind, patient and understanding with me. I appreciate every single one of you.


Much Love,


KC Lynn


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