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Fate made us brothers, loyalty made us family.

A bond that runs deeper than the Mississippi, my brothers and I might not have the same DNA but what we share is far more powerful. Our loyalty to one another and the man who made us a family is stronger than those bound by blood.

The most sought out sharp shooters in the country, our paths were certain, before one woman changed my life and altered the relationship I have with my brothers.

Ryanne Lockwood disappeared without a trace but her memory never faded, torturing me on the darkest nights. Until a twist of fate leads me back to her, sending our worlds to collide once more, and this time, there will be no escaping me.
Justice Creed’s bad boy appeal caught my attention from the moment he rolled into town. For years I watched from afar, swallowing up the rumors that surrounded him.

Until we shared a night of forbidden passion. One that destroyed my heart and reshaped my soul, and it sent me fleeing from the only town I’ve ever known.

Now, years later, he's barged back into my life, uncovering a secret I've worked so hard to keep and it's one that will change our lives forever.


A Second Chance Romance

(Creed Brothers Book 1)


(Creed Brothers Book 2)

Fate made us brothers, loyalty made us family.

We were only kids when my brothers and I were forced to the streets and into the shadows, harboring a dark secret we had every intention of taking to our graves.


That’s when a pact was made, a brotherhood formed.


We fought, we bled, but in the end we survived. All because one man took in three homeless boys and loved what no one else wanted.


Now, years later, the past we thought was dead and buried emerges with a vengeance, bringing a blue eyed angel with it. A woman with no memory, but whose body bares the same unforgivable wounds that are scarred on my very soul.


It forges an undeniable bond between us. A connection that will irrevocably shift the relationship between my brothers and me once again, leading us right into a sadistic killer’s web of revenge.


The time has come to face the very thing we fought to escape. Only this time we aren’t helpless kids. This time we will lay the demons to rest once and for all.

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