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You will not break me for I am unbreakable.


He lived through a week of torture in order to save her. 


She lives with an undeniable guilt for the scars he bears.  


Cade Walker’s little sister died in his arms when he was only fifteen-years-old, and the moment she took her last breath was the same moment his world went dark, turning him into a cold, hard shell of a man.


Until he walked into an open field years later to hear the most incredible voice; the soft, angelic melody breathing life back into his dead, unfeeling heart.

Faith Williams stood for the very thing he refused to believe in, yet his feelings for her were undeniable. Her voice lured him in, but it was her kind soul that anchored his broken one.


The two forged an unbreakable bond, but one irrevocable moment destroyed it all, leaving them both scarred inside and out.

Now two years later, Faith returns to Cade’s life unexpectedly, and neither of them can deny the fire that still burns between them, along with the pain, loss, and regret. 


Fate will test their love, and in order to save it, they must face the past that continues to haunt them.

Resisting Temptation

Men of Honor Book 3

When Cooper McKay moved in next door to her, all bronzed skin and lean muscle, with a panty dropping smile that could bring any girl to her knees, Kayla Keller knew she had met the man of her dreams. He set her body and teenage hormones on fire for three years—three long tortuous years.

She pushed.
He retreated.

It became a game of tug of war, until one fateful night she put her well thought out plan into motion, and Officer Sexy didn’t know what hit him.

You asked for their story and now here it is. Cooper and Kayla are not only going to share their special day with you. They are going to take you back to where it all began. Here is their crazy love story, from beginning to… forever.

**This is the last book in the Men of Honor Series. You don’t have to read every book in the series, but I strongly recommend that the first book, Fighting Temptation, be read prior to in order to understand all the aspects of this story.**

The Final Temptation

  A Friends to Lovers Romance (Men of Honor Book 4)

You will not break me for I am unbreakable. 


He’s the town’s notorious bad boy.


She’s the innocent good girl.


Jaxson Reid and Julia Sinclair were the most unlikely friends. One fateful night brought them together, and they formed a bond—one so strong it was unbreakable—until they gave into temptation.


Fast forward five years and Jaxson is back to fix the mistakes he’s made with the only girl who’s ever mattered to him. Only someone isn’t happy with his return, someone who thinks Julia is theirs, and they will stop at nothing to make sure it stays that way—forever.


Jaxson will not only fight to protect Julia, but also battle the new and existing demons that haunt his soul from the death and corruption of war.


Fighting Temptation

 A Friends to Lovers Military Romance

Men of Honor Book 1

You will not break me for I am unbreakable.


He’s the sexy-as-sin play boy who always gets the girl.


She’s the shy, lonely baker who refuses to fall for his charm.


At seventeen-years-old, Grace Morgan lost her mother in the most horrific way imaginable, ruining the dream they once shared of opening their own bakery. It was then she was sent to live with the only family she had, a horribly cruel man.


Years later, she escapes to start her life over in the beautiful, small town of Sunset Bay. There she meets Sawyer Evans, the incredibly handsome yet arrogant Navy Seal who has a sharp tongue and even sharper wit.


He stops in at the diner she works at every day just to try whatever new pie she made for the day, torturing her with his sexy smirk and charming ways.


Just as she starts to surrender to temptation, the threat from her past comes back to haunt her, ruining the peace she has finally found.


Sawyer vows to keep her safe. He will not only fight to protect her, but also prove that his heart is bigger than his ego.

Sweet Temptation

 A Friends to Lovers Military Romance

Men of Honor Book 2

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