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Reading Order

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Here is the reading order for my books as they were released. Please note that even though each series can be read as standalones all the characters are interconnected in some way.

Reading Order Guide Square.png
Reading Order Guide Square.png

Fighting Temptation - Men of Honor #1

Sweet Temptation - Men of Honor #2

Resisting Temptation - Men of Honor #3

The Final Temptation - Men of Honor #4

Beautifully Insightful -Standalone

An Act of Redemption - Acts of Honor #1

An Act of Salvation - Acts of Honor #2

Sweet Love - Sweet #1

An Act of Obsession - Acts of Honor #3

Sweet Haven - Sweet #2

An Act of Courage - Acts of Honor #4

Fighting with Honor - Acts of Honor novella

Cockloft - Standalone

Justice - Creed Brothers #1

Ultimate Sacrifice - Men of Courage #1

Sweet Destiny - Sweet #3

Braxten - Creed Brothers #2

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