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Heart Mountain

A mountain with a legend that states at the stroke of midnight, under the light of a full moon, if you share a kiss on the mountain’s ledge, you will be bound to your one true love forever. It’s also where Ellie and Gunnar share their first kiss. 

Gap Lake

Check out this glacier fed lake where Ellie and Gunnar loved to fish when they were kids.

The Grizzly Paw

A great place to sit out on the patio to enjoy a locally brewed beer or a hand crafted soda. A place that is pet friendly which works out pretty good for Gunnar’s dog, Bear.

Old Tyme Candy Shoppe

Ellie’s favorite place to get fudge.

The Pump and Tap Tavern

Check out this authentic British pub where Gunnar and his baseball team go to celebrate their victory. There may or may not be some shenanigans that take place that night.


Rocky Mountain Chocolate

Head on over to the popular chocolate boutique and get yourself a bear paw. It’s a local favorite.

La Terrazza

Check out Ellie’s favorite Italian restaurant.

Banff High School

The only high school in town where Gunnar, Ellie and all their friends went. It’s also where the annual baseball tournament takes place every year. 

Visit Heart Mountain
Make a stop at Gap Lake
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