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A Brother's Last Hope


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Beckett McKay = Cooper and Kayla’s son.

Hope Evans = Sawyer and Grace’s daughter. 

Parker Evans = Sawyer and Grace’s son.


All I'm going to say about this scene is... I love Parker Evans. LOL!







Determination marks each step as I pace the empty school parking lot, waiting to meet Beck for what he believes will be a friendly game of catch, but unbeknownst to him, there's no such plan. Not when I drop the bomb that Chad Aarons has dared to ask Hope out.


My fists clench at my sides at the reminder. I refuse to stand idly by while that asshole attempts to stake a claim on my sister. He’s no good, but will Hope listen to reason? No, she never does. She always thinks I’m being overprotective.


Usually, I would just kick his ass and be done with it, but I can't risk being suspended from the team. Not with the season about to start. My next resort would be to let my Dad take care of it, but I know my Mom will side with Hope. So that leaves only one option and here it comes now...


Beckett walks out the back doors of the school, his gym bag slung over his shoulder. "Hey.”


"Hey," I grumble.


"What's wrong?" 


Oh, nothing,” I sigh dramatically, knowing I have to play my cards right. “Just annoyed about Aarons taking out Hope this Friday night."


Beck comes to a hard stop, anger dominating his expression. "The fuck he is.” 


"It's true,” I tell him. “I just found out at lunch." 


“So kick his ass!”


I raise my hands in mock surrender. “Can’t. No fighting or coach will suspend me."


“Well, what about Hope?” he fires out. “Did you tell her it's not happening?" 


"I tried to talk with her but you know how she is."


He grunts, knowing exactly how stubborn my sister can be. 


"She thinks I'm being overprotective," I elaborate. "And... I don't know, maybe she's right. She's a smart girl and old enough to make her own decisions." I have to force back a smile at the expression of outrage on Beck’s face. 


"Have you lost your fucking mind? She isn't going out with Aarons. You know that guy is an asshole. There's no way in hell he's going anywhere near her." 


I shrug. "It doesn't seem like I have much choice in the matter. All I can do is hope I'm wrong about him and he treats her well.” The words taste bitter on my tongue but I keep up the facade. "You never know. Maybe he'll surprise us. This could end up being a long-term thing for the both of them."


Beckett continues to stare at me, looking on the verge of flipping his shit. Which is exactly the reaction I was looking for.


I clap him on the shoulder and start walking again. When he doesn't follow, I turn back to him. "You coming?"


He shakes his head. “Sorry, I’m out. There’s something I forgot that I need to do. I’ll catch up with you later.” 


As he storms off to his truck, I continue my way to the field, a proud grin spreading across my face. 


Well, that was easy. 


I knew I could count on my best friend to take care of it. Just like I know my sister will listen because she's never been able to resist Beck. Just like Beck can't resist her. 


Now if only my problem with a certain country girl who has the voice of an angel was as easy to solve….







With anger burning in my gut, I come to a screeching halt outside the bakery, leaving skid marks in my wake. I jump out of my truck and walk inside, immediately seeking her out but only find Grace.


“Beckett, what a pleasant surprise,” she says, walking over to pull me down for her usual kiss on the cheek. 


“Hey, Grace.” I greet her back with a hug because if there is anyone out there I love as much as my mom it’s this woman. After all, she did give birth to the most beautiful girl in the world, even if I am pissed at that beautiful girl right now.


“I thought you boys were playing football today,” she says.


“We are but I have something I need to take care of first. Is Hope around?”


“You bet. She just finished her newest creation. Now she’s out back cuttin’ down some boxes. She should be out soon or you can go on back if ya like.”


“Thanks. I will if you don’t mind.”


I don’t want to waste another second clearing this shit up.


“Of course not. Go ahead.”


“Thanks.” I walk behind the counter and push through the swinging kitchen door to find Mac washing dishes.


“Hey, kid.”


“Hey, Mac. I’m looking for Hope.”


When he points to the side door I nod my thanks and head out that way. The moment I hear it close behind me, I charge down the long hallway that leads to the recycling area. 


Rounding the corner, I find her breaking down boxes. Wearing her soft yellow waitress dress that fits her slender body perfectly, and her honey blonde hair tied back in a mess of curls, she looks every bit like the girl I’ve loved since I was a kid.


Like always, the first sight of her is a punch to the chest, a blow so powerful it trips my heart up every fucking time. It doesn’t matter that I saw her only hours ago or that I see her every day. She’s always had this effect on me. Even when we were kids she had the ability to bring me to my knees. Whether it was a flash of her sweet smile or the way her sparkling green eyes danced with excitement as she yakked my ear off about her newest pie creation. My favorite will always be Beckett is Sweet Pie, but really I love anything she creates, just like the girl herself.


I may not have understood those feelings when I was a kid but I sure as hell know what they mean now and even though I can’t have her, I’ll be damned if that asshole Chad Aarons gets her. 


Over my dead body.


The swift reminder of why I’m here overrides my common sense and my anger takes over. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?”


She spins around with a startled yelp, her hand moving to her chest as she exhales a breath of relief. “Holy crap, Beck, you scared the shit out of me. What on earth do ya think you’re doin’ sneakin’ up on me like that?”


“What the hell do you think you’re doing going out with Chad Aarons?” I ask, cutting right to the chase.


Surprise resonates on her face before it pinches in anger. “Parker sent you here, didn’t he? Well, save your spiel. I’ll tell you the same thing I told him. It’s none of y’all’s business and…”


I push forward. With every step I take, she retreats until she has nowhere else to go and her back meets the wall. My hands brace on either side of her head, her sweet sugary scent invading my chest, the familiar smell bringing back memories of my childhood. I lean in close, so close I can see the tiny gold flecks sparkling in her emerald eyes.


“None of my business, Hope?”


Her tongue darts out to wet those pretty pink lips of hers before she gives me a tight nod. “That’s right.”


“You’re my business and you damn well know it.”


“No, I’m not, Beckett.” Her voice is sad and distant now, anger long forgotten. “No matter how much we wish otherwise.”


“What about Prom?” I ask, steering the topic away from the real issue. I don’t like talking about us not being able to have each other. It pisses me off, even if I understand it…sort of.


“What about it? We’re still going.”


“You think Chad is going to be okay with that?”


“It doesn’t matter what he says.” She sighs softly. “It’s just a date with a group of friends. Not at all like the one you’re going on with Janelle Hamilton this Friday.”


“What the hell are you talking about?”


“Oh please, don’t play innocent with me, Beckett, I know all about it. She’s been bragging about it all day.”


“You don’t know shit. She asked me out and I said no.”


She straightens, surprise taking over her expression. “But she said—”


“I don’t care what she said. I’m telling you I said no. Next time you want to know something, Hope, fucking ask me. Don’t go out on a date to piss me off.”


Her pretty eyes spark with anger. “I didn’t say yes to Chad to piss you off. I said yes because I wanted to go out and have fun. There’s a bunch of us, Beck. It’s not just him. I’m going for the group.”


“You’re not going at all.”


She rears back. “Excuse me?”


“You heard me. Parker and I don’t like him. So you’re not going and that’s final.”


She steps into me, her finger poking into my chest. “Listen here, Beckett McKay, you do not own me. You have no say who I—”


I silence her with a kiss. Frustration, desperation, and pure fucking lust thrashing through my veins. 


She melts against me, her arms wrapping tight around my neck to pull me closer. Her kiss is just as desperate. 




Knowing she needs me just as bad as I need her is like a match to a flame and the spark puts my feet in motion. Lifting her, I pin her against the wall, pressing my hard cock between her thighs.


“Beck,” she breathes, her fingers gripping my hair. “I thought we said no more kisses.”


“We lied,” I growl, slipping my hand up her dress to cup her ass.


Moaning, she arches into me, begging for more. 


Jesus, she’s going to kill me. I don’t know how much longer I can last, prom is so far away still and these little heated sessions aren’t cutting it.


She’s worth the wait.


Groaning, I reluctantly pull back and place her on her feet before I lose all the self-control I have perfected over the years.


She gazes up at me with hooded eyes, her breaths quick, and pink lips swollen. 


I swipe my thumb across the plump flesh. “Until prom, Hope. You are mine. No dates for either of us.”


Before she has a chance to argue, I turn my back and walk out, her taste still rushing through me like the sweetest drug. 


When the time comes to finally have her, I will make sure it’s a night neither of us will ever forget. The best fucking memory we will have to hold on to when we have to let go. My only worry is it will end up haunting me rather than sate the desire I’ve always had for her.






Hours later my lips still burn from Beckett’s scorching kiss. One we’ve shared so many times even though we shouldn’t, but our connection is undeniable. 


Our feelings have always been strong for each other, but since I revealed I wanted to lose my virginity to him on Prom night it took our desire for each other to another level. With the day fast approaching, it’s only getting harder to resist.


“Hope, sweetheart, are you feeling all right? You’ve barely touched your supper,” my mom asks, placing her hand over mine where it lays next to my untouched plate. 


“Yeah, mama. I’m all right. Just not very hungry is all.” 


At least not for the food on my plate, but for the boy I’ve loved since I was a little girl. A boy I don’t want to love because it could ruin so many friendships, including ours. That’s just not something either of us are willing to risk.


Why must life be so complicated?


“What pie did you create for me today, Shortcake?” my dad asks, bringing a smile to my face.


“Sorry, Dad, but today’s creation wasn’t for you. It was inspired by my precious twin brother,” I tell him, glaring across the table at Parker.


He flashes me the smile he always uses to get out of trouble. 


Not this time, Buster!


“Well, that was sweet of you, Sis. Let me guess. My Brother is Awesome Pie? My Brother Rocks Pie? Charming Brother Pie? Or maybe, I Love My Brother Pie…”


I scoff. “More like, Mind your own Business Pie with a big dash of I’m going to kick my brother’s meddling ass.”


A husky laugh barrels out of my dad while my mom breathes out an, “Oh dear.”


Parker isn’t fazed in the least. He sits up prouder, his irritating grin mocking me from across the table. “Nah, I don’t like that one. Pick a different name.”


“What did you do to piss her off,” my dad asks, still chuckling.


“I didn’t do anything.”


My eyes narrow further at the lie.


“Parker…” my Mom coaxes, knowing he’s full of it.


“What? All I did was kindly tell her she shouldn’t go out on a date with Chad Aarons.”


“Kindly my butt, Parker,” I snap, remembering the way he ordered me around like a dog.


“Whoa, hold up,” Dad cuts in. “Who the hell is Chad Aarons and what date?”


Before I’m able to explain Parker opens his big trap. “He’s an asshole, Dad. I’m serious he’s bad news.”


“Parker! Watch your mouth,” my mom scolds.


“There’s no date. There never was,” I shout, losing my patience. “It’s a group thing, something Parker doesn’t seem to understand.” 


“I don’t think so, Shortcake.”


My eyes snap to my dad. “What?”


“If your brother says he’s not a good guy then you aren’t hanging out with him.”


“Parker thinks every guy who asks me out is bad.”


“That’s not true,” Parker shoots back defensively. 


“Yeah right. Name one person you would be okay I went out with. Just one.”


“Timothy Stillman is a nice fella.”


My nose scrunches up in disgust


“Isn’t that the boy from the hardware store?” Mom asks carefully.


“Yeah, the one who doesn’t shower and picks his nose,” I respond, making both my dad and brother laugh hysterically. I, however, find none of this funny.


“It’s just a group of people going out,” I say again.


“Sorry, Shortcake, it’s not happening.”


“Sawyer, you can’t do that,” my mom says, coming to my defense. 


“The hell I can’t. I’m her father and if Parker doesn’t like him then neither do I.”


“That’s right,” Parker boasts, clapping my dad’s shoulder. “You should have more faith in me too, Mom. I’m a good judge of character.”


“Oh?” She quirks a brow at him. “Just like Missy Robins?”


Missy Robins is Parker’s on-and-off-again girlfriend. She’s a bitch and so fake. 


“What about her?”


“She’s trouble, Parker.”


“Yep,” he agrees with a smile. “The best kind.”


My mother’s fork clatters to her plate, her eyes widening in horror while my dad turns his face to the side to hide his smirk.




“Mom, I’m kidding,” Parker rushes out, laughing.


“It’s not funny!”


“Come on, I haven’t had anything to do with her for a while.”


“Keep it that way. There are plenty of nice girls out there. You don’t need trouble like her.”


“Or, if you stayed out of my business, maybe you would see what’s right in front of you,” I grumble, unable to hold back the retort.


His smirk vanishes and back stiffens. “What the hell does that mean?”


I so badly want to lay it out for him since he’s completely clueless but I would never betray Mia’s trust. “It means Mama’s right. There are plenty of nice girls out there but you’re too busy being distracted by trash or sticking your nose in my business that you don’t even see what’s right in front of you!” I push to my feet, too angry to deal with him right now.


“Where are you going?” Mom asks. 


“To my room. I’m not hungry.” 


I feel bad ignoring my dad when he calls out to me but if I don’t leave I will end up saying something I regret. 


Running up the stairs, I enter my room and close the door behind me before dropping on my bed. My heart aches as I grab my soft yellow pie pillow Beck got me for my seventh birthday and feel tears sting my eyes.


I hate fighting with my brother but more than that, I hate fighting with Beck. It’s all becoming so complicated and overwhelming that I’m beginning to think giving ourselves to one another might not be such a good idea after all. I want him but not at the cost of our friendship.


I can’t live without it.


But there’s no one else I’d rather give myself to. Beck makes me feel like no one else, ever has. He makes me feel beautiful and I know he’ll make my first time special.


There’s a light knock on my door, interrupting my conflicted thoughts. Parker doesn’t wait for a response before walking in. I avoid eye contact, not wanting him to see I’ve been crying.


“I brought you dessert,” he says, holding a piece of pie. “It was made by this really talented girl who has the hottest brother on the planet.”


A smile curves my lips but I continue to ignore him and the peace offering.


“Come on, Hope,” he breathes out with a deep sigh, sitting at the edge of my bed. “I’m sorry, all right.”


“No, you’re not.”


“You’re right I’m not.”


I finally brave a look at him, narrowing my eyes.


“Can you just trust me? This goes beyond me not liking Chad. He’s an asshole, just ask the girls who have gone out with him.”


“I wasn’t going for him. He’s just the one who asked me,” I tell him once again, feeling like a broken record.


“He asked you because he wants you. If you go out with that group, he will think it’s an invitation. He’s pushy when he wants something, Hope, and if he pushes with you, my gloves are coming off. Hockey be damned.”


“Stop it. You’re not jeopardizing your hockey year over him, he’s not worth it.”


“I’ll jeopardize it for my sister… always.”


My heart warms with his words. “Well, it’s not necessary because I’m not going.” 


I already decided after my run-in with Beck today. I’d never do anything to hurt or upset him.


“I always knew you were smart,” Parker comments with a smirk. “We’re twins after all.”


“One of us definitely got all the brains, Brother, but it certainly wasn’t you.”


“You’re right. I got all the looks.”


I throw my pie pillow at him, cutting off his chuckle.


“All right, I’m out of here. I have practice.” He tosses the pillow back at me. “We good?”


“Yeah, we’re good. Until you do something else that pisses me off,” I grumble.


“It’s only because I love you,” he returns with a smirk.


“Pfft,” I harrumph but can’t deny the warmth that invades my chest.


“Come on, little sister, say it back. I know you want to.”


“I’m hardly younger. You’re older than me by two minutes.”


“It still counts.”


I roll my eyes. “Fine. I love you. Now leave me alone.”


“You make me feel all warm and fuzzy.”


“I try. Are Mom and Dad still at the table?”


“Nope, they started arguing after you left until Dad kissed Mom to shut her up then they disappeared,” he enlightens me. “If I were you, I’d hang out in here for a little while longer.”


As much as that should gross me out, I’m happy I have parents who love each other and still have the passion all the years later. Unlike some of my other friends whose parents can’t even stand to be in the same room as each other. 


“Thanks for the warning.”


“See ya.”


“Have a good practice.”


“Oh, I will. I plan to teach everyone else a thing or two.” He winks before strolling out my door.


With a smile, I shake my head and reach for my slice of peace offering pie when my phone chimes with a text. I pick up my cell, my pulse kicking up when I see it’s from Beckett.


Beck: “So, I’ve been thinking…”


Me: “That’s scary.”


I smile at my response. I love teasing him.


Beck: “Ha ha! Smart ass.”


I chuckle.


Me: “Fine. I’ll bite. What are you thinking?”


Beck: “Well since neither of us is going on a date this Friday night, I thought we could catch a movie. I’ll even sit through a chick flick if you want.”


My heart tumbles in my chest, tripping over each word lighting the screen but I’m still not ready to give in…not yet.


Me: “I’ll think about it.”


My phone chimes a split second later.


Beck: “Perfect. I’ll pick you up at 7.”


Shaking my head, I fall to my back with a smile, holding my phone to my chest as I daydream about spending the evening with the boy I’ve loved since I was a little girl. A boy who will forever hold my heart, even if it’s from a distance. 

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