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A Tattoo for Annabelle



This is how I imagine Jaxson finding out about Annabelle’s first tattoo. If you aren’t up to date, Annabelle is Jaxson and Julia’s daughter and Braedyn is the runaway teen they adopt. Their story will be the first in the Next Generation series. 







Jaxson and I sit at the kitchen table, enjoying the breakfast Julia made for us before she left for the day. We’re in the middle of going over my training schedule when Annabelle walks in, looking every bit of the temptation she is, despite it being early in the morning.


My cock stands to attention like it always does when she’s near, her tiny black sleep shorts and off-the-shoulder sweater torturing me in every way imaginable. 


“Hey, baby girl,” Jaxson greets her.


“Morning, Daddy.” She drops a kiss on his cheek and then takes her seat at the table, refusing to acknowledge me in any way. 


Obviously, she’s still pissed at me for chasing off that loser last night who was trying to grope her at the party all night.


Well, I’m annoyed too, sweetheart. Annoyed at myself. At her, hating that she even went to the party with that dickhead in the first place. No doubt she did it only to get under my fucking skin, something she is really good at.


After fixing herself a plate of pancakes, she props a slender foot on the chair next to her and begins eating her pancakes.


I quickly take note that the foot she has on display is the one with the tattoo she has been hiding from her parents. 


So she’s finally going to reveal her little secret after all. Guess she wasn’t bluffing.


It doesn’t take long for Jaxson to notice, his entire body stiffening. “What the hell is that?” he asks, pointing down at her dainty foot.


“What?” She feigns ignorance, continuing to eat her pancakes. Despite her careless demeanor, I have no doubt she’s shitting her pants right now.


“Your foot, Annabelle,” he snaps, refusing to let her play dumb.


“It's called a tattoo, dad. You should recognize it since you have so many."


I grunt, amused by her smart mouth.


Jaxson, however, doesn’t find it the least bit funny.  “Who the hell gave you permission do to that?"


Dropping her fork, she finally turns to face him. ”No one because I'm an adult and can make my own decisions."


Jaxson doesn't like that response either. “The hell you can. Eighteen or not you still live under my roof.” His furious gaze snaps to mine. “Did you take her to do this?”


My hands lift innocently. “Don't look at me. I had nothing to do with it. This was all her.”


Annabelle tosses me a glare before bringing her attention back to Jaxson. “Have you even read what it says?”


“I don't want to know what it says,” he fires back. “I want to pretend it's not there.” 


Sighing, she scoots her chair closer and props her foot on his knee. “Read it.”


He makes no move to do so.


“Please,” she adds in a plea.


Unable to deny her, Jaxson looks down at it. His hard expression softens at the anchor with a bow on it that has his birth date and the words, “Forever my hero.” 


Swallowing hard, his gaze lifts back up to her face.


She graces him with a smile that could shine light into the darkest soul. “Love you, Dad.”


He pulls her out of her chair, enfolding her in his arms. “I love you too, Belle.”


I’m not the least bit surprised that this is the end result. It’s always the end result because he can never stay mad at her. He also wouldn’t be half as angry if she just told him the truth from the beginning, but she doesn’t. Which is why I refuse to be kept as her dirty little secret any longer. No matter how fucking bad it hurts. 

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