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Beckett + Hope = Prom


Hope Evans - Sawyer and Grace’s daughter. 

Beckett McKay - Cooper and Kayla’s son.


I love these two with my whole heart and soul, and I can’t wait to write their story. This scene was inspired by a photo I found on Pinterest.







My heart dances in my chest as I traipse through the woods that surround my house, following the directions on the map Beckett left for me. I do not know what he's up to or why he wants me to meet him, but I also don't care. I only care that I get to see him. 


Just the two of us. 


Something that doesn't happen often and we usually avoid, otherwise those accidental kisses happen. The kisses that light up my soul every time I think about them. Kisses that I crave every second of every day, even when I know they shouldn't happen. Because the potential cause for disaster could be huge, not only for us but our families and that's the last thing either of us wants.


I push the depressing thought away as I come up to the first checkpoint. Glancing down, I look at the map for my first clue. 


Look for the stone that is as rare and beautiful as you.


A silly smile takes over my face as I begin searching, and it doesn’t take long before I come across a soft pink stone. Picking it up, I turn it over and see my name engraved on the bottom. I curl my fingers around it, then move in the direction of my second clue. 


At the next checkpoint I find a pale yellow stone with Beckett's name on it. I don't miss the fact that I now hold two of my favorite colors— the same as mama's. Ever so gently, I blow on it, removing the dirt, then hold it with the other stone before following the map again. 


Eventually I make it to the next pebble, a pastel green one. Bending down, I pick it up and turn it over to see the word Prom engraved on it. Love swells in my chest, my smile growing so wide that my cheeks begin to ache. 


Standing, my breath catches when I see Beck leaning against a tree with one arm behind his back, a sexy smirk gracing his handsome face. 


My heart pitter patters as I make my way over to him. "What are you up to, McKay?” I ask, trying to act unaffected but failing miserably.


"Trying to make an impression."


Little does he know he's made a lasting impression on my heart from the time I was a little girl. 


He pushes off the tree, his one arm remaining behind his back. My steps falter when I see what's been carved into the bark. 


Beckett + Hope = Prom


I peer up at him, trying to hide the excitement that's close to exploding from me. "What's this?"


"What do you think it is?" 


My hands move to my hips as I quirk a brow at him. "It looks like we're going to prom together, but I don't remember you asking me."


He moves for me, his gait slow and easy, every step filled with confidence. My back suddenly kisses the rough tree as he crowds me against it. His gaze holds mine, peering directly into my soul. 


"Do I really need to ask, Hope?" he murmurs in that smooth baritone of his. "We've known all along that this night would be ours."


We have. All because I was brave enough two years ago to tell him that I wanted to lose my virginity to him on prom night before I left for college. Before our lives will change forever and we are forced to move on with our future. 


A future without each other.


"No," I reply softly, my throat thick with emotion. "You don't have to ask. The night is ours." 


His face dips in close, nose brushing my cheek as he looks down at me in a way that has my heart turning over in my chest. No one has ever looked at me the way he does. Like the world only exists because of me.


“Stop looking at me like that," I whisper, knowing I’m not strong enough to turn him away right now.


"Like what?" 


"Like you want to kiss me."


"But I do want to kiss you."


My eyes fall close. ”Beck," I breathe his name and fist his shirt, need overriding common sense as I feel my resolve slipping. 


He brings his arm out from behind his back, handing me the bundle of flowers that are still covered in dirt.


I accept them with a smile, warmth invading my chest as I bring them to my nose. 


"I've waited for you, Hope," he says. 


My eyes snap up, locking with his warm blue ones. 


I wondered if he had. He's dated but never anything too serious. It still ripped me apart though and it's no one’s fault. Least of all our own. 


His hand lifts to my cheek, fingers grazing as he dominates every inch of my l space. "We might not get forever but we'll be each other’s first, just like it we were always meant to be." 


We both move at the same time. My arms lock around his neck as his mouth descends upon mine. The moment our lips touch, the earth shifts.


Lifting me off my feet, he pins me against the tree, claiming what has always belonged to him. 


My heart. 


How can something that feels this right potentially hurt so many people?

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