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CONTENT WARNING Please be advised that this story deals with sensitive subject matters but is written delicately. Sensitive subjects could include abuse, torture, sexual assault, and the death of a loved one. None of these are romanticized nor overly descriptive, but reader discretion is still advised.

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Release Date March 30, 2015

Series Men of Honor #4

Genre Contemporary Romance.

Tropes Opposites attract, neighbors, small town, sassy heroine, dirty talking alpha, man in uniform.

You will not break me for I am unbreakable.


He’s the all-American boy with insanely good looks.


She’s the sassy bombshell with an untamable wild streak.


When Cooper McKay moved in next door, all bronzed skin and lean muscle, with a panty dropping smile that could bring any girl to her knees, Kayla Keller knew she had met her match. 

Then he became an officer of the law…and the man of her dreams. He set her body and teenage hormones on fire for three years—three long tortuous years.

Every time she pushed. 


He retreated. 


It became a game of tug of war, until one night she put her well thought out plan into motion, and Officer Sexy didn’t know what hit him.


The Final Temptation is a longer length novella and the last book in the Men of Honor series. Each book in this series can be read as a standalone, but for the best reading experience, I recommend reading in order. 



EXCERPT The sound of police sirens interrupt our conversation, a squad car’s lights flashing in my rearview mirror. I glance down at my speedometer to see I’m only going seven miles over the legal limit. Growling in frustration, I pull over, hating that we’re now going to be even later for school. The officer parks behind me, and I stare in complete shock as Cooper steps out of the car. Are you freaking kidding me? My stomach does its usual flip as I watch his gorgeous ass make his way over, that swagger making my thighs clench. Hmmm, maybe this isn’t such a bad thing after all. Pulling myself together, I roll down my window then stick my head out and give him my best smile. “Well, hey there, Officer Sexy.” With his aviators in place, Cooper peers down at me, his expression unimpressed. “Kayla,” he greets in irritation before nodding over at Julia. “How’s it going, Julia?” “Hey, Cooper.” I’m annoyed that his greeting to her is friendlier than mine, but I shrug it off and decide to push his buttons like I always do. Reaching over, I finger his handcuffs at the side of his belt and give him a suggestive smile. “Nice cuffs, Coop. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be cuffed to a bed. Maybe you can lock me up sometime.” Julia’s snickers next to me. Cooper’s expression never wavers, except for a quick flex of his jaw. I love riling him up like this. I’m hoping one day it will finally make him crack and he will let all that frustration loose on me in the dirtiest ways possible. “License and registration,” he says, ignoring my comment. My back straightens. “What? Why?” “Because you were speeding, and I’m going to give you a ticket.” My mouth parts in shock. “You can’t be serious.” Now it’s his turn to smirk. “I’m very serious.” “Give me a break, Coop, I was going seven over. You have to at least be going ten over to get a ticket.” He stares at me like I’m an idiot. “I can give you a ticket for going one over the legal limit.” I try to gauge his expression, thinking he can’t be serious. He wouldn’t give me a ticket, would he? No, he wouldn’t, he’s just screwing with me, I know it. “All right, Officer Romeeooo,” I croon, dragging out the name. “Let’s be honest here, you really pulled me over because you missed my pretty face this morning. I missed yours too, but this”—I gesture between us—“will have to wait because I’m late for school.” Julia snickers again, but unfortunately Cooper doesn’t find it as funny. “You’re going to be even later if you don’t stop stalling. Give me your license and registration, Kayla. Now.” I gape at him, realizing he’s completely serious. With a huff of frustration, I pull out my license and registration then hand it to him. He takes it with a smirk then walks back to his squad car. My eyes cut over to Julia. “I can’t believe he’s really going to give me a ticket.” She shrugs. “Maybe he’s just messing with you to prove a point and he won’t actually give you one.” I shake my head, dismissing the assumption right away. He wouldn’t do all this then not follow through. Sure enough, he walks back a few minutes later and hands me my license and registration. I don’t bother to look at him as I rip them from him. When I go to snatch the ticket out of his hand, his grip tightens on it. My irritation quickly fades when he bends down and leans in my window. His delicious, masculine scent penetrates my senses, completely short-circuiting my brain. My heart thunders wildly and breath catches, as he trails his nose along the side of my cheek until his lips are at my ear. “You need to be careful of the games you keep playing with me and my dick,” he murmurs, his tone as smooth as whiskey. “Because next time, Kayla, I will not be responsible for my actions, and believe me when I tell you, you are not ready for me, baby. Not yet.” Without another word, he presses the softest kiss to my cheek then drops the ticket on my lap before strutting his sexy ass away, as if he didn’t just completely tilt my world on its axis. “Whoa.” Julia fans herself. “What the heck was that all about?” She couldn’t have heard him, but I’m sure she felt the tension. She had to; it still lingers heavily in the car. I pick up the ticket and see the amount for one hundred thirty dollars. Instead of feeling annoyed like I should, the biggest smile takes over my face. I think today is going to be a great day after all.


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