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Hope's Secret


This is short but it packs a punch. Please be aware that this scene has to do with Hope's storyline. I hope y'all forgive me when it comes time for her because her story is going to hurt really bad before I put your heart back together, especially for my Sawyer fans out there.




A subtle noise startles me from sleep. I sit up with a gasp, realizing the sound is coming from my bedroom window. 


"It's me.” The familiar masculine voice instantly has me relaxing. 


“Beck?" I whisper back.




I blink my gritty eyes that are swollen from crying and watch him crawl through my window, something he’s done many times before. Glancing at my bedside clock, I see it’s one in the morning. "What are you doing here?" I ask, pulling the sheets to my hips when I remember I'm only in a tank top and panties. 


The moment he takes a seat on the edge of my bed and looks at me, I know. The devastation on his face mirrors the agony in my heart. 


"You know, don't you? Parker told you," I say, barely suppressing my sorrow. 


He nods, his jaw flexing in fury and eyes dark with pain. A pain I understand so well.


The sob I buried hours ago comes tumbling past my lips. He reaches for me at the same time I move to crawl onto his lap, my arms locking around his neck.


"I'm so sorry I wasn't there, Hope,” he rasps, his voice thick with guilt. 


I shake my head, unable to form words. I have none. Not even an apology for keeping the secret all these months. 


Beckett lies down, keeping me in my most favorite place in the world— his arms. He kisses away every tear that spills from me as I cry out all the shame and humiliation tainting my soul. I’ve loved this boy since I was a small child and never stopped. He’s the only one who could bring me any kind of peace right now.


"Everything is going to be okay," he murmurs. "We're going to find out who did it and when we do they will fucking pay for ever touching you.” Cold fury drips from every word he breathes and has a shiver working down my spine. 


This is why I only told half the secret. Why I will never tell them who did it. Otherwise, I'll lose the most important men in my life, especially my father, brother, and the boy who has held my heart since I was a little girl. 

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