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Release Date March 31, 2020

Series Sweet Series 

Genre Contemporary

Tropes Small town, family rivalry, past life, enemies to lovers, wedding novella.


Three cups of a long-standing rivalry between two families and a wedding that will force them all under one roof.

Two tablespoons of a bride and a groom whose love is put to the test when they find themselves caught in the middle of it.

A slice of a secret that will change the course of their lives forever.

A pinch of fate.

A dash of friendship.

A sprinkle of seduction.

Mix together in a large bowl to create a hockey game that turns into a brawl, a rehearsal dinner that ends in disaster, and an unexpected guest no one saw coming.

Bake at 350° for a rich serving of life and a love that transcends lifetimes. A love so powerful it may just be the ingredient needed to end a longtime feud between two families.

A timeless recipe that is sure to fill your heart with a generous helping of Sweet Destiny.

Sweet Haven must be read prior to this Novella. If you wish to start at the very beginning you can start with A Recipe for Love, which has Sweet Temptation and Sweet Love but it isn't a must.

Reading Order Guide Square.png

CONTENT WARNING Please be advised that this story deals with sensitive subject matters but is written delicately. Sensitive subjects could include abuse and the death of a loved one. Neither are romanticized nor overly descriptive, but reader discretion is still advised.

EXCERPT My back meets the cool mattress, his hard body following down on top. His face hovers just inches above mine, the love in his gaze holding every bit of me captive. A love I never want to live without. The desolate thought has my hand lifting to his face, fingers fanning his jaw. “Promise me that we will always have this. That you will never leave me.” The request is unfair and I know it but the burning images of that nightmare are embedded into my soul forever. His dark irises hold mine in a time-stopping second. “I promise to love you until your last breath, Samantha Evans, then I promise to find you again and love you even harder.”
 The vow flows through every part of me, completely obliterating any remaining fear. Curling my fingers around his neck I bring his lips to mine again, losing myself in what I have faith will always be ours.



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