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Release Date January 27, 2016

Series Acts of Honor #2

Genre Romantic Suspense

Tropes Brother's best friend, sassy heroine, possessive alpha, small town, FBI Agent.

Sometimes two broken pieces make a whole.

He’s the one she’s always loved.

She’s the one he could never have.

A forbidden night of passion resulted in years of heartbreak when he walked away. Now she’s in danger and needs his help.


Trust doesn’t come easy for FBI Agent Nick Stone, especially when it comes to love, but he’ll risk it all for Katelyn Slade.
Including his heart.

Bullets fly, betrayals are exposed, and the flames from their past ignite.His protection might be what saves her but in the end she will be his salvation.

This is book two in the Acts of Honor series, the spin-off series to Men of Honor. Although it can be read as standalone, I highly recommend reading the Men of Honor series prior, as characters play recurring roles in both series.

Reading Order Guide Square.png

CONTENT WARNING Please be advised that this story deals with sensitive subject matters but is written delicately. Sensitive subjects could include abuse, torture, sexual assault, and the death of a loved one. None of these are romanticized nor overly descriptive, but reader discretion is still advised.

EXCERPT “Life would be easier if you loved me,” I murmur before I can think better of it. He chuckles, thinking I’m joking. I’m not. But I let him think it because I know if I tell him the truth he will run out of here in the blink of an eye. “Trust me, your life wouldn’t be better.” My head tilts inquisitively. “Why do you say that?” “I’m not capable of it. I’m too broken to love anyone.” I gaze at his profile, my already damaged heart shattering. This isn’t the first time I’ve wondered what has happened to make him think like this. “I think maybe we’re all a little broken, Nick. I know I am.” He leans back on his elbows. “See? All the more reason it wouldn’t work.” “I’m not so sure about that. Sometimes, two broken pieces make a whole.” He looks over at me, his gaze peering directly into my soul.



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